Linedance repertoire

A Night like this
All Smiles Tonight
Any Man Of Mine
Before the Next Teardrop Falls
Bad moon rising
Blanket on the ground
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Blue Rose Is
Blame it on the bosse nova
C’est La Vie
Country Roads
Don’t be stupid
Dreaming my dreams
Dulce Amor
El de los ojos negros
Every little thing
Feel right
Hati Yang Luka
He Will Be Mine
Home to Louisiana
Honey I’m home
I’m alive
I need you
I run to you
It Was
It’s a heartache
Kau Bukan Dirimu
Kiss Me Honey
Let you mama go
Love me a little bit longer
Making Believe
Make The World Go Away
Man I feel like a woman
Mi Vida Loca
Mr. Rock ‘n Roll
Never Ending Love
Next to me
Not that lonely yet
Pour Me
Rebel Amor
Rock Till You Drop
Rose Of My Heart
Save the last dance for me
Sepanjang Jalan
Stand by you man
Somewhere Between
Something in the water
Speak to the sky
Sweet Music Man
This is the Life
Tennessee Waltz
That’s What I Like
That Man
Today I Started Loving You Again
Two Shades of Blue
Walk In The Room
Walk On
What I’ve Got In Mind
What If We Fly
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
Who Did You Call Darling To Last Night
We’ll Waltz In Love Tonight
World of Hurt
You’ve got to talk to me
Your good girl is gonna go bad
Martini moments
All Smiles Tonight / Single Waltz
Applejack / Bed of Roses
Canadian Stomp
Legend in my Heart
Bad moon on the rise / Bad moon rising partner linedance
Blanket cover
Blue Eyes Crying  *
Blue Rose
Bosse Nova
Cemburu * /  Little Black Book / Live, laugh and Love
Just Right / Duchess Swing / Love You 2 Much
Commitment / Stroll Alone cha cha
Shakin’ Mix / Country Roads
Coastin’ west
Dreaming my dreams / Single waltz
Sweet Love * / Cumbia Negro
La Cumbia Negro
Picana Boogie
Feel right
Luka *
He Will Be Mine * /El Paso Swing / Black  Coffee
Louisiana Swing
Canadian Stomp
I’m alive / vertical Expression
Quarter after nine
Run to you
It was *
Don’t you wish / Heartache
For sale *
Kiss Me Honey / Rhumba and Roses / Dance With Me / Little Rhumba
Go mama go
Love me a little bit longer
Makin’ Believe / The Sway (p)
Make The World Go Away *
Backstreet attitude
Cowgirls’s Twist /Let Me Off / Craxy Foot Mambo / Swinglish
Miracle Of Love *
Never Ending Love
Next to me
Not That Lonely Yet * / River Waltz / waltz of a sailorman
Tush Push / Rock Around The Clock / Heartless / At The Hop / Another shot
Rebel Amor
Rock Till You Drop * / 98,6
Rose Of My Heart
The last dance
What A Memory (p) * Greystone
Sometimes it’s hard / Slow
Texas Waltz / Tennessee Waltz / Single Waltz
Something in the water
Speak to the Sky
Sweet Music Man *
Sing the Song
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
Irish Stew / Wishful thinking
Sister Keet
Back To Front / A Place To Run / Speak with your heart / Cha cha 4 for 1 / Sway (partnerdans)
Blue Shades
Virginia Countyline
Dark Eyes / Mexican Girl
Blanket Cover / Bartender Stomp / Shame On Me
Heart Of An Angel
Black Coffee / Freeze (dubbele draai) / Don’t you Wish / Tush Push / Just a memory/ Don’t You Wish
My Greec no 1 / Cu Cu
Who Did You Call Darling / Little Rhumba / Rhumba and Roses
T ’N’ T Waltz */ Tennessee Waltz / What if we say goodbye
Hillsquare Blues / Slippery
Smokey Places
Naugthy but Nice